miercuri, 9 decembrie 2015

If you can't reach the snow on Pluto, then visit Romania

For God sick, the man are fundamentally sad and unhappy. If you wanna understand why, try to learn some philosophy, starting with Hegel or Bertrand Russel. But even if you will understand why should the men be unhappy won't release you from your unhappiness.

Spectacular Sunset in Romania, as caught from the Western Carpathians (Muntii Apuseni). Forget all your fears, everything is o.k. on our Earth, including Romania

But I have also simplier better ideas. Try to live now and here, don't dream with open eyes flying to Mars or reaching Pluto with its snows or frozen mood. You could rather think visiting Romania, I am sure you won't be unhappy anymore, forgetting your sadness.
Happy German bikers in Hotel Ten Constanta, visiting Romania through the travel company Karpaten and a good travel guide (that's me, paw)

If you come to Romania right now you can discover some interesting things. Start with the people: they are not reach, but seems to be very happy. How do they do that, is a huge mistery. Climb the mountains, walk in the forests, lie in the sun at Mamaia and try to find yourself. It is not easy at all, I know, but is a good chance to discover yourself.
Urban civilization in Oradea, Romania: the fantastic passage of the Black Eagle, a good illustration of the Art Nouveau in the dawn of the XXth century

There are many ways to discover Romania, it is a destination for all season, but the most recommandable is in Spring and Autumn. As a change, you can come in Winter for ski, and in sumer for bathing and beaching on the Black Sea coast. Be only aware of one simple thing in midsumer, I mean July and August, the locals are also spending their vacations on the Black Sea Coast, and all the beaches are full., to the delight of the entrepreneurs. Also, a very intensive night life, the best treatment against depression.
So, my dear and beloved friends, stop dreaming to Mars, or Pluto, or even trying to see green horses on the ceiling, and start to live by visiting Romania.

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