marți, 17 noiembrie 2015

Et in Arcadia ego! It was actually Romania

Is really nice to live in Romania for sure. Sometimes not very easy, when thinking to politics or other big problems and issues we must face, but any country must experience something similar, I guess.

The ancient history and its many legends: Sarmizegetusa is the former Capital of Dacia

Anyway, I love this country of mine very much, and I like introducing it to the foreigners, my beloved guests. Really think sometimes to have a dream job: wonderful country, friendly interested guests and the strongest Romanian incoming agency as an excellent partner. Thus all the necessary conditions are being filed.

And as a supplement we have something more: the spell, the legends, the history. It is really amazing, the guests are really fascinated by this country of mine, and I am very grateful to them for this thing. Of course, all other Romanians feel the same. We are a strong proud nation, sharing gladly the natural beauty of this country.

Another simply fact: since the oldest times was Romania the same. The ancient Romans led by Traian conquered the Daciams, and so came to light the Romanian people. And the same Romans used to call the province Dacia felix. Quod erst demonstratum.

You can discover in the Romanian Carpathians the ancient citadels of our ancestors, and the best known of it is Sarmizegetusa Regia. The acces road is being rebuild, and that means you have the best conditions for the next year (not all the plans run in Romania smoothly, but let's hope this one will do).
Landscape in the Romanian Carpathian, a natural fortress

You will find there a round sanctuary having an unknown astronomic signification. You can digg, as some treasure hunters also do, for the gold collection of the old King Decebal. By the way, Decebal is a national hero, who commited suicide after the Roman conquest. Be sure to find in any Romanian city a Decebal street and a Traian street, together with  a Lupa Capitolina (The wolf female from Rome nourishing Romulus and Remus) as a remember to the Roman roots of the Romanians.

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction in the Romanian history, and hope to come again soon with other chapters. Besides, there are many other things to discover in Romania, it is also a country for the today people, and not only for history fans.

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