miercuri, 15 iulie 2015

Visit Romania only if...

you wanna have a big time. Romania will mean an event for you for sure, and you are going to have a big time.

The folklore and the popular music could be also a reason to visit Romania

Visit Romania only if you really enjoy life. You are going to have in Romania very good human contacts, the Romanians are friendly people, always happy to have guests and proud to show them everything. Many of them are also ready to give you everything, as to their good friends. And it really means everything, clothes and suits.
In Romania we still use the horses in agriculture, forest exploitation etc

Visit Romania only if you want to discover something special. Half of the population still lives to the countryside, and sometimes not in the best conditions! Nevertheless, they will welcome you from all their heart with bread and salt, in the good traditional way. Many hotels will also receive you with a glass of wine.
Romania means a rich culture, before anything else. Here the painted monastery from Moldovita with the expert explanations of a sister

Visit Romania only if you have at least one week free. It is a medium sized country, with 237 000 sqkm and 21 Millions inhabitants. There are many interesting tours lasting one week, e.g. at Karpaten, the biggest incoming company .If you have less time to your disposal, make a city break in Bucharest, or other big city of Romania. Many of them are really fantastic due of their architecture and historic artefacts.
The Roamanian gastronomy is rich, tasty and affordable. No chance to get any weight off

Visit Romania only if you plan to come here again. This is the usually way the tourists follow: come as guest, leave as a friend and come back! The time for a trip to Romania is always too short, and there are a plenty new things to discover at every step. And a new perspective might be the good one, if you understand what I mean. Romania is surprisingly and charming.

These all above mentioned are a few of the most important things to visit Romania. It really worths, believe me and make a try!

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