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Romania's most amazing roads and its fantastic mountains

If you can watch a map of Romania, you would note the mountains acting a real spine. The Romanian Carpathians really do this wonderful task, they are a portant and protecting column of the all country.

Easy walk in the Romanian mountains
Not very monumental high (the peak Moldoveanu measures 2531 meters) they did not stop significantly the mutual relations, cooperation and trade between the Romanian historical provinces of Moldavia, Wallachia and Transilvania. According newer theories, the Romanian people itself formed and lived long time in the mountains, and only afterwards descended on the plains due to the shrinking food. 
A well deserved break, while exploring the mountains

Many of the most renowned Romanian resorts, starting with Poiana Brasov, lie in the wonderful Carpathians. In most of them you can normally ski under best conditions. We are very fond of our mountains, and the locals simply adore winter sports (e.g. the Szekler, a compact minority, are very good in ice hockey). Nowadays in the Romanian Carpathians you can still find large population of wolves, bears and lynxes, and they are the last European ones.
Peles cstle, in the mountains, was an elegant royal residence

You have paths, you have cabins in the Romanian mountains, you can walk and climb as you wish. Special mention for the Bucegi Mountains by Brasov where happened a serie of paranormal phenomena. If you are not afraid of such things, you can search it on your own, but I must warn you: there are huge energies released in that area, it is not going to be easy.
Transfagarasan road, at over 2000 meters height, is one of the world's most spectacular highways

Further you can find in the mountains a few well kept fortresses. One of them is that of Rasnov/Rosenau protecting the town of Rasnov. Another eagles nest is the Bran Palace, also known as Dracula palace, with its fantastic view to the way and its wonderful legends. More elevated is the Peles Palace hosting today a wide exhibition about architecture and art, broadly speaking.
Fantastic view, took from Transalpina

Last but not least, you can find in the Romanian mountain two of the world's most spectacular roads: Transfagarasan and Transalpina. If you consider to be in a perfect shape, you can walk or ride a bike along those spectacular roads. Bear in mind to inform yourself about the state of the roads, during a year they are mostly closed due to heavy snowfalls.

You can start your real adventure in the Romanian mountains very soon, in march, and you won't regret it at all.

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