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Most memorable Romanian tours

As a professional travel guide in Romania I have some times in winter some extra free time, which I use to remember the season, lasting from April till October in this fascinating country of mine, which we proudly name Romania.

Of course, not all these German tourists spend their youth in Romania. But all of them enjoyed singing in the churches.

And there are a lot of memorable things, which happened during my Romanian tours with foreign tourists, mainly coming from Germany. Once, e.g., to the general surprise and confusion, a tourist started to sing inside an Evangelic church from Harman/Honigberg, near Brasov/Kronstadt. But he sang damned good, if I may say so, and we knew at once he was a retired priest, which we used to call Padre.
Transilvania, beloved sweet country, that is what a German could read on this carpet

Maybe even more touching, after visiting another church from Sighisoara/Schassburg one of my honored beloved guests started to cry, as he could remember how he married in the same church 40 years ago. I really love this job, as I deal with people and their feelings, not with computers.
It is unfortunately not a real priest calling its sermon, but one of my happy tourists

Another couple, gone from Romania to Germany in the 1990's, saw for the first time their home village Sura Mare/Grossscheuen bei Sibiu/Hermannstadt after longer than 20 years. They were very disappointed about the state of their former house and of the restaurant where they celebrated their marriage. I also guessed they were unhappy about the celebration of Silver and Gold wedding. It is really a long story.
Romania is for sure not only a Dracula destination, but on the contrary! Nevertheless this Dracula is a well kept sensation

Maybe I should apologize, these are rather my own memories. But these memories of mine have a lot of things to do with Romania and my tourists. Every above mentioned story is true, but please don't ask me further about any names. It is a well kept secret, and I won't say it for nothing in the world. I am very grateful to these people, which gave me to keep such sensitive secrets. I won't disappoint them, I swear.

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