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Romania for Beginners and Greenhorns

In any aspect must be a first time, and Romania is not an exception. Your first time in Romania must be totally special, unbelievable, sensational. I would dedicate this report to all the people who really love and care about Romania, whether Romania or foreigners, but the target are the people who dare to dream about visiting Romania.

Urban life in Bucharest, Romania

Romania is special, and the Romanian are broadly speaking very special. We are proud, very proud, about our beloved country which is not among the richest countries in Europe or in the all world, and we strive to preserve our standards. More than anything we love to describe Romania and its legends to you, dear visitor coming for the first time in Romania.
If you visit the Danube Delta, please preserve and protect it

Romania and the Romanians are not easy predictable, e.g. the fall of Ceausescu or the election of Klaus Iohannis as Romanian President (he is Romanian, born here as a member of the German minority). You should be aware, dear Beginner and Greenhorn in Romania: despite your thoroughful documentation, the reality is much more interesting comparing with what you might have read.
Sensations in Romania: Dracula legends and the follow of its traces.

Further, you bust have read dear firstimer in Romania about our natural wonders and parks. The Carpathian Mountains  in Romania host some fantastic forest, unbelievable well preserved. And within these forests you are going to find the last significant European populations of bears, wolwes, lynxes or chamois, which former dictator Ceausescu used to hunt. No joking, due to these populations Ceausescu became one of the most renowned hunters worldwide.
In some parts of the country, these traditional ports are still belonging to the daily life

Don't need to mention anything more about Danube Delta. It is for sure a natural paradise familiar to you, neverending source of crazy unbelievable stories and legends. Imagine the locals, which are sometimes totally away from the civilization we love so much, without to suffer. They live very lonely and isolated and are unbeatable fishermen with a respectable knowledge. Really unforgettable if you eat a simply fish soup in the Danube Delta cooked by one of these local masters!

In some places Romania is an opened book, you must only look carefully around (Fortress of Prejmer/Tartlau)
Dear beginner and greenhorn in Romania, you are not supposed to be a nature freak or a lonely wolf if you pay us your honorable visit, but on the contrary. Please remember that we have an intense urban life in Bucharest, our capital, or other big cities, with plenty of museums or architecture monuments. You can also go shopping in Romania, follow Dracula traces and legends or stay in a good hotels. We also have some exquisite wines and an interesting kitchen with different influences you must guess!

Happy foreigner tourists in Romania (Brasov/Kronstadt)
Remember one thing, dear visitor: most important than anything in Romania are the Romanians themselves. They will love you, spoil you, pamper you and if you feel the same you will surely come the second and third time in this blessed country. 

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