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Best tips for family travel in Romania

Coming in Romania with your family is an excellent idea. In order to turn it in an unforgettable adventure or vacation there are a few important things you should be aware of.

First of all, make the good choice from the start. Book through a well known, well established travel agency. In my opinion, after working and checking in more companies,the best one for incoming is Karpaten with a wide offer and excellent prices, which you can't get on your own. Ask me about it, or contact directly Karpaten.
The Romanian traditions will totally seduce you

Second, if you come in Romania on a budget, is very helpful booking a few weeks in advance in order to get the best deals to the air companies. There are many sites for that, a good local one is . Will be great avoiding staying the hotels from the big Romanian cities, starting with Bucharest, as many of them are oriented to the luxury and stylish tourists. Nevertheless, you can find *** or ** hotels, or even hostels at decent prices. Much better, stay in a smaller city, off the beaten path, most of them are really charming, peaceful and you can find many bargains while shopping in the central vegetables or flea market.
Climbing mountains in Romania might be just the thing you need

A great option is also staying to the countryside and have a fantastic contact with the nature and local meals. The available pensions are simply exaggerating with their meals, no one can eat so much. Besides, they are for sure among the children friendliest places on Earth, they will simply spoil your children.

Staying by the locals who hire a few rooms might be a good idea only if you inform about the prices. Please take big care about it! Once this detail set, you will dip in a fantastic traditional culture, and I am pretty sure you will be deeply and pleasant surprised about it. Please rediscover some noises and flavors which you can't find anymore at home.
Don't miss the Rural Romania

If you want climbing mountains, don't neglect the prior training for your family, mainly the kids. Don't forget good maps, GPS, mobile phones (112 for emergency call), lights as they can save your life and health. There are cabins and hiking trails in the mountains to your convenience, inform about them and select right according to your skills, training level  and mood.

About the meals, a special tip: many restaurants off the beaten path have fantastic offers called "Oferta Zilei" (The Offer of The Day) where you can eat a good 3 dishes lunch with 3 Euros!

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