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Most Important Reasons to Visit Romania

You are not supposed to believe when I am declaring about the Romania being a paradise on Earth (but this is the true and the fact). Historically speaking, in the 70's Romania was a favorite target for foreign tourists, despite the huge differences in the politics and ideology compared to the non communist world. It was maybe the good bright side of the communist dictatorship ruled by Ceausescu.

Digging deeper in the past, in the 30's the glamorous Bucharest was called by all its tourists "The Little Paris", and I think that you already understood why from other books and authors.

After the fall of Ceausescu, the collapse of the communism and the dissolution of its regime, the Romanian tourism has suffered for years on a bad management, lack of infrastructure, high prices and bad services (the worst ratio between quality and price, I must accept). All these things are already past, and nowadays the Romanian tourism and the professional see again good reasons to be optimist.
History and archaeology tours in Romania are interesting for many people

For you as a potential visitor in Romania there are many reasons for doing it and taking this decision. You can only win doing this, and I want give you the most important reasons to visit Romania.

1. The professional of the travel industry are doing their homework right. They speak foreign languages, are able to find the best quotes and to organize unforgettable travels and circuits, being also nice pleasant persons (but believe, most of the people are like this, you are going to love the Romanian for sure!). I am discovering daily smaller or bigger travel agencies or companies with skills, informations and strong recommendations (e.g Euforia Travel is not very big, but very well managed and has some excellent offers!)
In Romania you can find luxury at unbeatable prices, and broadly speaking, a good ratio between  price and  the quality of the service. Also important: low tips!

2.If you are a nature freak, remember that Romania still possesses large populations of bears and wolves. We can also proudly show you tall mountains (nevertheless accessible for medium trained people, including women and children) and the unique Danube Delta.

3.If you are a culture freak, you can do a lot of fantastic tours: archaeology tours, urban archaeology tours, religious tours. Some of the Romanian museums from Bucharest, as also the Bruckenthal Museum from Sibiu   have an excellent reputations among the art conaisseurs from all over the world.
A wine and gastronomy tour in Romania might be the right thing for you

4. If you like to eat, or you love wine, I have also planned something for you. Romania has a long tradition as a wine producer, but you can also drink your beer here!

5. Romania is not only a wonderful country, but also a very safe one. The crime rate is very low, even in Bucharest downtown. There is no danger of rape as in other parts of the world, you can visit it and enjoy your lover/fiancee.

6. The prices are very good nowadays reported to the quality of the services and you can take profit on it. Romania is also a fantastic target for incentives and team building, I can recommend again an expert, namely Euforia Travel.

These are in my opinion the most important reasons for visiting Romania. And I can find many others, supposing you need more. Remember, please, that the Romanian tourism is booming, and you can still win to the favorable quotations!

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