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Most exciting things to do in Brasov

Brasov (or Corona/Kronstadt/Brassai) is no doubt one of the most beautiful Romanian cities, and there are many reasons for that. First of all it is really an interesting urban gem, offering both modern ammenities and a strange exciting atmosphere of Middle Age.

Interesting reconstruction of the old fashion in Museum Casa Muresenilor from Brasov

 In the communist years Brasov became the most important industrial city of Romania, after Bucharest, but this development didn't affect the wonderful downtown. From the touristic point of vue, Brasov seems not only better prepared to receive its honored guests, but the atmosphere is better and the people more pacient. 

Start the visit of Brasov from Poarta Schei, walking towards the Black Church and the Central Market. Observe along the street the plates, all the buildings are protected and carefully preserved. In this part of the city the inhabitants used to be the wealthy Saxons and Germans, while the Romanians lived in the Schei quarter (the first Romanian school is still to be visited there, and it really worth the effort, as the curator is kind and charming).
Panoramic view of the wonderful city of Brasov, took from the way to Poiana Brasov (Schulerau)

Discover further the impressive Black Church, which is not so black actually, but faced a strong fire. The Black Church is very old and really huge, the biggest worship building between Vienna and Moscow. If you are lucky as usually, you can catch an organ concert, it is still working. Discover further the interesting paintings, ones are important not only historically, but also from an artistic point of vue. Don't miss, please the fantastic collection of oriental carpets, the biggest in Romania., having a simple explanation: Brasov has been in Middle Age one of the most important turning points of the trade between Vienna and Istanbul. As any trip to Istanbul was really a risk, the trader donated to the church a carpet when they returned well!
The impressive Black Church from Brasov

The Marketplace nearby (Piata Sfatului) is one of the most beautiful and spectacular in Romania. The buildings match one to another, the style is similar, and everything gives an impression of harmony. Here take place concerts and the renowned music festival "Cerbul de Aur" (The Golden Deer). Take a walk on the pedestrian area nearby, with lots of shops and restaurants and if you are tired enjoy a coffee or a meal in one of them ( my recommendation is Ambasador, offering an excellent report between quality and price, and also a few specialities you can't find anywhere else!).
Central marketplace from Brasov (Piata Sfatului), one of the most spectacular and iconic in the all Romania

The high tower in the centre of the market is the former town hall, hosting today a history museum, which you can visit daily, excepting Monday. But across the street ( Muresenilor street) is another interesting museum: Casa Muresenilor. Not only unique in the all Romania through the simple fact that is opened on Monday, but also interesting as it reconstructs the local atmosphere following the saga of a Romanian intellectual family.

Deeply seduced by the wonderful city of Brasov, you might try to get a panoramic view of it. Therefore you got two options: 
-whether you direct to Poiana Brasov, a winter resort nearby, which is another must on your schedule, making a break on the way where you catch the best view
-or you walk to the end of the street Apollonia Hirscher, and take cabin leaving you on the Mountain of Tampa, in restaurant Panoramic. There you really have Brasov at your feet.

You will enjoy your trip to Brasov, Iam sure about it. You can make it as city break, or as a longer stay, but please don't miss it. And stay tuned for other tips and tricks about Romania.

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