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Unknown facts about Romania

There are a lot of things to say about Romania, and most of them are highly interesting yet bizarre. There are a lot of interesting things to do in Romania, and there are a lot of unknown things or prejudices about Romania, and I am going to explain some of them. Please join and tell me your experiences in Romania.

Very important: the second biggest building worldwide, behind the Pentagon, is in Bucharest

Some people might say that Romania is a very complicated country, one of the most complicated on Earth. Fact is that the Romanians are really different comparing to their neighbors. They are proud, polite, well mannered and educated and always very helpful. Not very rich (average income 300 Euros), but able to give everything for their friends and guests. Amazing people these Romanians of mine, and not less amazing is the history of the Romanian language. It is a Roman language, close to French, Italian and Spanish. Not very easy to explain its existence in the middle of a Slav sea, but the historic facts can help. The Romanian ancestors were the brave Dacians, came here around 5000 years ago. Conquered by the Romans in 106 a.C who had a superior culture. Through this mix came to life and to light the Romanian people.
Maybe not so big like the Western Cathedrals, but not less spectacular: the painted churches from Bucovina

A little digression, and a provocative question, specially for experts: what was before? Well, some experts, based on a few interesting rocks of the Carpathian Mountains speak about a Pelasges civilization, consisting on a sort of giants who build these already mentioned rocks (e.g. Sfinxul, Babele etc). Other people think that these rocks are the simply result of a millenary erosion. The better is to watch yourself these rocks, building your own theory and opinion!
Hand made long time ago, or simply result of the erosion? This is the main question about the Sfinx from the Romanian Carpathians!

During Midle Age have been existing for centuries three Romanian states: Moldavia, Transilvania and Wallachia where the Romanian population was ever in majority. Despite foreign oppressions and occupations, the Romanians showed more times to be brave, pacient and even diplomate. They even showed a strong national patriotism, gathering all these states in only one country. It was really a saga full of blood and victims.

Nowadays we have a lot to show to the wide world and to the many tourists coming to our country. We might luck the huge cathedrals from the Western Europe, but we have our churches. They  are not so big, but some of them are also spectacular (painted monasteries from Bucovina e.g.). Besides, we still have some fortified churches of the Transilvanian Saxons (a very interesting German minority). The Romanian are a charming mix of populations with different origins ( nowadays the most important minorities are the Hungarian one and the Gipsy one). Broadly speaking, 90 % of the all population speak Romanian as the mother's language and are orthodox. Amazing, isn't it ?
Campia Romana has a secret charm, which not many people can feel

We have mountains, we have hills, we have the Romanian Riviera, we have the unique Danube Delta. We have also plain, mainly in the South. Maybe not so attractive and spectacular for the tourists, but I grew up in The Romanian plain and I can unveil its secret charm. It is huge, has no limits and is very dried in summer the Romanian plain. Might seem so uniform, even tendious, but in fact is fast changing. Observe the lakes appearing from time to time, observe the nice villages, and observe also carefully the cultivated fields with tree curtains at every 10 kilometers.

Also very important, but totally unknown, as some media channels are spreading many silly unreal facts and prejudices about Romania: my country is one of the safest worldwide for the tourists. I can make this statement and motivate it through my long experience as a travel guide in Romania, it is a proven fact!

So, please, don't hesitate coming to Romania. It is not expensive, and you will be rewarded like a king.

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