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Best places to swim in Romania

If you are sick of winter, especially if you live in North America, is maybe a brilliant idea to stop thinking on this silly season, and don't look through the window anymore. It is sad, pushes you to depression and brings nothing. It is so relaxing when having a reserve idea and a secret hope that no one can take you away.

Danube Delta is a paradise for swimmers and nature lovers. Swimming there requires to respect a few basic regulations

So, I think you've got already the point, close your eyes and think summer. Here in Romania we have hot summers, and one of the favorite way to cool up is swimming. We have Danube Delta, we have also the Black Sea, we have the inside rivers and we have also a few interesting lakes. Briefly, we have a lot to offer to any more or less skilled swimmer.
Constanta unbelievably white and frozen during a bad winter. But in summertime looks totally different and you can swim there a lot

According to your swimming skills and your other general interest or the size and components of your esteemed family, I can make you a few propositions for your next summer vacations in Romania!
1. You are a very skilled swimmer, fearing nothing. No one and nothing can stop you, but keep in mind that on the Black Sea we have buoys and nobody is supposed to go beyond them. Nevertheless I am pretty sure that you can arrange something there.

2. You are a skilled swimmer, but not exactly in the way of Matt Biondi or Mark Spitz. Maybe the Danube and the big rivers are to avoid due to the strong streams. Search the lakes or go to the Black Sea but observe and respect the buoys!
During summer season on the Romanian Black Sea coast you can swim not only in the sea, but also in the hotels' pools

3.If you are a river swimmer with no fear of streams, flows or whirls, try the Danube at Iron Gates or the inside rivers as Olt and Mures. Unfortunately, in the hot summer they can also suffer on lacking water.

4.You like water, but are only a beginner swimmer. Try one of the many spa hotels with inside pools, or search at Herculane or Felix a thermal pool. Special mention for the last, some of them can be visited during any season, similar to the Budapest baths, e.g.
For the river swimmers Romania might be very attractive

5.If you can't swim at all, attend a specialized course and search for a short small swimming pool. More and more Romanian small towns have something like that, and in Focsani I can recommend you Escape!

The above mentioned applies also to any member of your family. Dream well and sleep good, Romania is still waiting for you and the spring is about to come very soon!

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