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Unknown facts about Sibiu

There are a lot of mysteries in Romania. Even the proud survival of these happy people is a mystery itself. I would like to reveal and unveil a few Romanian hidden secrets and mysteries, with the necessary mention that a solved mystery gives birth to other ten new mysteries at least.

Hotel Hilton Sibiu, one of the city's best

One of the best renowned Romanian cities is Sibiu/Hermannstadt in German/Nagyszeben in Hungarian. It is really nice, with a multicultural flair, and has been for hundreds of years the most important cultural center of the German minority in Romania. They left wonderful traces in Sibiu, and we must say "Danke". Even today the general mayor is a German, while the German population consists only of 5 % of the full population of Sibiu. Klaus Johannis is a legend himself, and anyone can admire the city hall of Sibiu as one of his impressive works, no doubts.
On the Balcascu street from Sibiu (former Stalin street)

There are a few interesting legends about the yearly Medieval years of the city. One of them says that a certain shepherd called Hermann from Nueremberg has grounded the city, searching a new better life. Another legend says on the contrary that the village of Sibiel was grounded by Romanian shepherds, and these were in need for craftsmen. When a German skilled artisan passing by asked to give the land he can cover with a skin, the locals accepted without any hesitation, thinking to have made a good business. But the German cut the skin in very small pieces, and attached one to another! The Romanian saw the trap, but should accept, as it was a matter of honor. So the German artisan stayed and brought other mates too. Nowadays these artisans are again wanted and invited in Sibiu.
The impressive downtown from Sibiu

Please start your visit in Sibiu from Piata Mare/Big Market/Grossring which is really the heart of the city and hosts concerts, and other events. Think that during Middle Age the distractions were totally different (e.g. executions). Walk further on the pedestrian area, called today str. Nicolae Balcescu which is really impressive, with lots of shops and restaurants. During the obsessive decade 1950-1960 when the Stalin's personality cult was at its peak this exquisite street was called "Stalin street" of course. Even quirqier the city of Brasov (120 km away and showing a few similarities with Sibiu) was also named Stalin. What comes further is very funny indeed: both these wonderful cities qualifies for an important investment, a salami and sausage factory. But at those times nobody dared to think about selling and marketing salami and sausages of Stalin (Stalin's sausages!) and that's why finaly Sibiu won the competition. That factory is existing up today, making the country's best sausages at the price of 20 Euros/kilogram.

Observe further in Sibiu the city's eyes: the roof openings which are not very common in Romania and surely a landmark of the city. Probably at the begining of the city the houses hosted cereals deposit at the last floor, and these openings were really necessary. Visit also the Little Market/Piata Mica/Kleinring with the liars' bridge, another legend will follow soon.

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