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Top 3 Most Interesting Churches In Romania

There are plenty of churches in Romania, mostly of them are of course Orthodox, as we are almost all Orthodox (between 80 and 90 % of the Romanian population belong to this holly Christian church). The differences comparing to the Catholic or other Christian churches are not very significant.

The Holly Trinity from Agapia, painted by Nicolae Grigorescu is totally impressive

Patio of the Holly monastery Agapia with its distinctive flowers

One of the main differences between Romanians and the rest of the world is that we love and esteem our church, which was very helpful during the history keeping our conscience as a nation. We still visit and attend our churches in numbers on Sunday, feasts and holy day of obligation. The church is widely seen as the most reliable institution, despite some scandals inside it.

As noticeable Romanian churches those from Bucovina come among the first, but they are already renowned and I don't want to repeat. I have found and selected others, with your permission, allow me to introduce them!

The little town of Curtea de Arges lies not far from Pitesti in a fantastic hilly environment, with orchids and vineyards. Totally unbelievable Curtea de Arges has been for centuries the Capital of Wallachia, and the impressive Cathedral of the town still shows it. About the building of the church there is an interesting legend and ballad about it: as everything build daily collapsed over night, the people in charge through the foreman took an unprecedental decision. Namely, first of their wives coming next day shall be build alive within the walls of the church. The foreman's name was Mesterul Manole, and his wife came first and was a colateral victim. The results are totally impressive for any visitor, and here found their final rest the last kings and queens of Romania.
The Royal Church from Curtea de Arges is an architectural gem

Not far from Curtea de Arges is Bistrita with its renowned monastery, which has been for many centuries an important cultural center of Romania. Admire there the architecture in all the details, and the separating wall between the altar and the nave, a Vienna work from 1881. It is a masterpiece for sure. Among the Romanian gipsies, an important minority of the country, is widespread an interesting legend: the gipsies in slavery could buy their freedom here in Monastery Bistrita for a little amount. They still come here on the 8th of September and celebrate. Some of them are not poor at all, come here with Versace suits and fancy cars, just to show proudly their ancient traditions, by donating large amounts of money. The priest and the monks are a little uncomfortable about their noisy behavior.
The Bistrita Monastery played for centuries an important role in the Romanian culture, and an interesting legend is tighten on it

In Moldavia Agapia is one of the biggest nun monasteries, not only in Romania, but worldwide. 300 nuns find here a home and are totally devoted to their faith and monastery. There are for sure a few workshops inside (e.g. carpets etc) and the proud wonderful monastery glitters proudly in the sun with its many flowers. Next to the disciplin, devotion and talents of the nuns observe the inside painting of the monastery. It is brilliant and genial, made around 1900 by Nicolae Grigorescu, the best and most renowned Romanian painters all time. He was only 20 years old when took this contract, but his saints seems to be really alive, with a fantastic charisma and light coming from inside.

I still have many things to talk about the Romanian churches, and I still need your attention and patience. As I don't want to abuse of them, I stop here, but you must keep in mind an important fact: in most all of the Romanian churches you can stay over night, but don't expect the comfort of a hotel!

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