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The Best Short Trips Around Bucharest

If you made the good choice to travel to Romania and Bucharest I am going to congratulate you, wishing also to help you to discover them under the best conditions. Thus we are both sure to give your time the best value possible.

The peaceful amazing church from Cernica, only 12 km away from a busy city like Bucharest

Bucharest itself is an amazing city with more than 2 000 000 inhabitants with a secret charm, which may seem sometimes busy, unfriendly, too hot in summer or too cold in winter. It worth anyway a longer or shorter stay, and enjoys fantastic prophecies about its brilliant future made by the renowned Indian Sundar Singh early by the beginning of the XXth century.

After discovering the big city, if you still have a few days to your disposal I am going to propose you to discover some of its surroundings too, as it has plenty of amazing places around. All these fabulous places around are easy reachable by public transportation, taxi or even by train.
The wonderful Palace of Mogosoaia is a sort of local Versailles, and hosted some prominents, e.g. Nikita Hroutschev

You can start with Buftea, a small peaceful village hosting a TV and cinema studios and two picturesque lakes. But the most important thing to see in Buftea is the huge Stirbey park stretching on over 30 hectars/60 accres. The Stirbey family is an old aristocratic Romanian family and Barbu Stirbey, the last owner has been for decades much more than the counselor of the last Romanian queen, as the rumors say. Fact is that the impressive palace from the center of the park has an undoubtful aristocratic good taste. You can visit it, and can even stay there if you wanna discover Bucharest in style. The hotel is excellent, and also the restaurant. Very important for the history, as we commemorate 100 years from the beginning of WWI: here Romanian and German authorities signed in 1918 an important peace treaty. Besides, the palace has other many tighten relations with the Romanian history.

In the opposite direction discover only 12 km away from Bucharest the suburb of Cernica with its two peaceful churches looking back to a long tradition. Namely the oldest church here was build in 1608 and meanwhile turned to ruins, but other two churches has been build and they are really an oasis of silence which many Romanian prominents has used to escape the big city. Important Romania painters (namely Tuculescu), writers (Voiculescu, Voiculescu, Arghezi), or priests (Staniloaie) found here the final rest. An other sort of monument from Cernica is no less amazing: a huge oak tree old of 500 years at least, a living eyewitness of the former huge forest covering once the Romanian plain, nowadays the country's most fertile region.

Very impressive and amazing too is the Palace of Mogosoaia, a sort of Romanian Versailles, if you allow me. Its builder and first owner was the legendary Romanian ruling prince Constantin Brancoveanu. he was very rich, one of the wealthiest personalities of the XVIIIth century in Europe. He owned 1500 gipsy slaves and many properties. As a ruler has kept everything in balance for 25 years, while Wallachia met a wonderful development of culture. Very romantic and heroic is also his death, through decapitation in Istanbul together with his four sons. Amazing, nobody managed to find the huge treasure left behind by Constantin Brancoveanu. Some people are still looking for it, Nicolae Ceausescu tried also! The Mogosoaia Palace is an extraordinary evidence of a golden Middle Age in Wallachia, with a particular  Architecture style.

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